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Destroying Our Own Planet



The Girl Effect: Blogging Campaign


On October 4th, The Girl Effect will be posting

bloggers’ entries from all over the world on their

views about different issues more and more young

girls are experiencing all over the world, including lack

of education, child prostitution, domestic abuse, child

marriage, and other horrible conditions they are suffering through.

I just heard about this today, so I will definitely start working on mine.

Click on the picture if you would like to participate in this

significant event of voicing our support for girls everywhere 🙂

guys are more than welcome, break the stereotype 😉






Child marriage, though illegal in India, is very common and is held at night.

New Method of Marketing Dunhill


This is what a pack of Dunhill cigarettes looks like in Australia. Apparently they sell all of their cigarettes with *graphic* warnings. This one says “Smoking harms unborn babies” and has a picture of a premature infant wired to machines that are the only reason he is still alive. I think if this were to be applied in Kuwait, it would make people think twice before smoking – if not about themselves, then at least about their future children.