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Destroying Our Own Planet



Boycotting Bu Qtada & Bu Nabeel


Apparently a large number of tweeps have decided to boycott the popular Kuwaiti TV show, Bu Qtada w Bu Nabeel. The show criticizes our society in a humorous way, and is shown annually on Al Watan TV, usually airing 30 episodes — to fit Ramadan. They also have cartoon strips that they publish daily in the Al Watan newspaper, covering whatever is the biggest social or political story on that day. It’s a very clever and light way of addressing serious matters through animation.  The tweeps have decided to boycott anyone that watches the show or reads the comic strips by unfollowing them. Personally I don’t really find that to be a painful blow, I find it silly that these people get huffy whenever someone criticizes them by discussing reality and telling the truth. We all love the country. Denial won’t help us improve it, and it certainly won’t help solve our problems. Once we acknowledge them, and take criticism with an open mind, only then can we progress properly.