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Destroying Our Own Planet



Dinner with Wolves


“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” – Benjamin Franklin

I think this quote’s awesome. Wolves are obviously symbols of those who are powerful in society and hold a high-status position that intimidates everyone else. The lamb, of course, is the poor, weak citizen whose in a constant state of fear and anxiety, because he’s aware of how vulnerable he is in comparison to those who rule his land. The reasons ‘wolves’ is plural and ‘lamb’ is singular is, in my opinion, because when it comes to decisions being made regarding society, somehow the higher you are on the social pyramid, the louder your voice is. So, when two wolves agree to sit down with a lamb and discuss in a civil manner what they should have for dinner, that’s true democracy.

Kenny Rogers


  This white tiger’s name is Kenny; he has Down Syndrome. From what I’ve read, apparently the only way white tigers can be produced is through inbreeding – brothers and sisters. As a result, many white tiger cubs are born with genetic defects, and an estimate of only 1 in every 30 white cubs are ‘good looking’ enough to be displayed in public zoos or circuses; the rest are too mangled or deformed to be shown to the public, or they end up living very poor, very short lives. Kenny died in 2008, but he was cared for in a zoo that conserves endangered animals.