Not-So-Pretty Predators


Yesterday I was at a formal event at the Sheraton Hotel. There were a lot of well-known people there, mostly journalists and photographers. The guests were probably 60% men and 40% women. The story all of the journalists were there for was, in my opinion, a big story. So I’m not sure why the majority of the women there didn’t seem too keen on focusing on their purpose…and seemed more interested in becoming a story. Specifically, grabbing some guy’s attention — finding a husband. Now, these women aren’t normal women. They are creatures of a different species, and their hunting methods are of a peculiar kind. Feast your eyes on the bait they use to prey on their targets…

  Personally, I don’t see how this method is effective. Crayola faces are only appealing to 5-year-old boys, and even then their amusement is strictly for the sake of pointing and laughing their little hearts out.

As a method of seduction, I’d give this an F. When you are seducing your prey, you seduce them with something sweet, something they’d find visually appealing.

As a defense mechanism, I’d give this an A+! Ladies, if you want to scare off a guy that’s been getting on your nerves, or an admirer that you can’t figure out how to turn down, show up looking like this! He’ll be too intimidated to retaliate. He’ll run away with his tail between his legs and never come back. Unless your prey is a hyena, in which case you are in for a lot of loud taunting and the hyena’s pack keeping you in mind as a future target, or their go-to should they need a good laugh.


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