Kim Kardashian Got Married – YAY!!


So apparently Kim Kardashian got married yesterday to some Kris person.

First, here’s a quick recap of the current universal situation:

Somalia's citizens are starving to death

Ghazza is being bombed

Libya is being bombed

Egypt is politically unstable (though standing strong)

Iraq is consistently threatening to invade Kuwait

Iraq is under the power of American Marines whose presence there is absolutely unnecessary

Bahrain's racial discrimination has reached a new point altogether

Women in Saudi are still fighting for their right to drive

Bashar killing Syrians ruthlessly

London police issued an official statement threatening anyone who Tweets about the London riots


Everyone else is fuming. Not over the things listed above, though. Because politics never hurt anybody…
Instead, they’re still absolutely furious that Justin Bieber got the Hottest Male award at the Teen Choice Awards! How dare they commit such an inhumane crime!

But to be fair, they’re not just angry about Justin Bieber. They’re also pretty happy about Kim Kardashian getting married. Heck, they’re celebrating! It’s like their own sister is getting married! GRIEVE people, don’t celebrate!! When a bimbo known for nothing but a sex tape gets married, the world grieves! Because when she gets married, it leads to a vicious cycle of stupidity reproducing itself — mini Kardashian bimbos will spread all over the world! Stupidity is a disease, a virus that spreads like wildfire!

FUN FACT!!!Kim spent 20 million American dollars on her wedding.

Reflect on the events listed above, and compare that to the Utopian little world of ignorance Kim is living in.


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  1. ألحين هالبيبر هذا أحلى واحد هههاي والله ما شافوني هذولا بس والله صاجه يعني منو أهم هالي لاعب فيها مليون واحد ولا الصوماليين الفقارا إلي مو لاقين ياكلون…الله كريم

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