Soul Mates


Here’s how soul mates work, according to Paulo Coelho.

There’s a certain “texture” to each kind of soul. Only once you’ve touched the other person’s soul can you determine whether or not it is the same as yours.

In Wuthering Heights, Catherine says of Heathcliff, “Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” And it is so beautiful. The contrast between them is almost painful to the visible eye, both physically and character-wise. Yet they match. When you and another person ‘match’, you just know. You don’t doubt it. You feel connected, immediately. You know it the moment you lay your eyes on their face.

It correlates with the “big bang theory” but be what it may. The big bang theory–invented by Scientologists–says that the world’s existence began with one big BOOM. It just ‘happened’. No god, no seven-day-process. That theory also syncs up with the theory of matter: that nothing after that big bang can be created or destroyed. Everything is constantly being reused, and taking different forms and shapes. Shifting. Moving. Re-inventing itself, but never ceasing to exist. So that also includes atoms… Our atoms have been spread, scattered. Connected the dots yet?

The atoms in your body, match the atoms in another’s.

But that’s a lot of atoms, and that means they’re in MORE than one person. So you have a bunch of matches. Paolo Coelho thinks that you can have up to 7 matches. Seven soul mates, if you were to break down the atoms in your body.

Could be a person. An animal. A plant.

But you know, when you meet your soul mate. You feel interconnected immediately. You look at their face, and you know. It’s not necessarily romantic. Could be friendship, could be love, could be anything. You match; anything could work with you two. You complete each other.

Paolo Coelho addresses possible issues of soul mates in his book Brida. Mainly, he addresses the possibility of meeting and falling in love with two of your soul mates. For Brida, it is the most terrifying, truest inner battle.


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