Fight Like a Girl


How many women in the world have bodies so unproportionally thin that they cannot stand up straight? How many women in the world have legs so smooth and so shiny you can see your reflection on them? How many have waists so tiny you can wrap your hands around them? How many women never have bad hair days, and instead strut around the malls with long, perfectly sleek hair flowing down their backs? How many women have flawless skin? And most importantly, how many women wake up and go to sleep with a smile permanently plastered on their faces?

Out of the 3.5 billion women in the world, none.

We all grew up with Barbie, the opium of a beautiful woman. Throughout the years, Barbie’s looks have been tweaked, changed, modified, toyed with. She grew taller, skinnier; her breasts, previously firm and feminine, shrunk considerably, and her abs flattened even more. Those of us that were lucky enough to have older females to look up to, such a sister or a cousin, grew up with a teenage girl that was most likely brainwashed by society’s beauty standards and felt insecure about her looks. We’ve seen her cry, we’ve seen her ask why she was born ugly, we’ve seen her refuse to eat her favorite chicken over lunch because she thought she was fat, we’ve seen her slowly start to lose a great amount of weight. Along with that weight, she lost her happiness, her confidence, her self-assurance. We grew up with her. And more often than not, we grew up and became her.

When the female idols in little girls’ lives are abiding by the standards society is setting for women, and when the media is telling them that a beautiful woman is a ‘perfect’ woman that looks like she doesn’t eat, and the dolls they play with on a daily basis are  made of plastic but described as gorgeous, the girls will inevitably want to be Barbie, they will want to look like supermodels do.

They don’t know that because supermodels don’t eat, they have split ends, and their hair falls out in clumps. They don’t know that the bulimic supermodels have chipped nails, and can’t hold down their food. They don’t know that when you starve yourself, you end up depressed. They don’t know that it’s a cycle, that depression can lead to suicidal tendencies, and if the eating disorder doesn’t kill them first, they’ll end up killing themselves.

There are books being published, telling you HOW to abide by society’s sick standards!

Let’s not forget who the experts are when it comes to being skinny:

Stop abiding by skeleton-standards. You are a WOMAN! Do you realize how much you have to be proud of? Women have endured SO MUCH, and CAN endure much more than men do.

Regardless of whether you are abiding by Western or Middle-Eastern standards of beauty, fight. Embrace your nature-given womanhood. A woman that is comfortable in her own skin is a happy woman.


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